Quickly Create 2D Drawings from 3D Models for Manufacturing

Users must first toggle on the Instant 2D feature in the feature manager. Selecting a dimension will create blue control handles around the sketch. Blue handles appear around the sketch after Instant 2D has been toggled on and a dimension has been selected.
3d to 2d solidworks

Slick Way to Convert 2D DWG Data into a 3D SOLIDWORKS Part File

This tool gives us a few import options. Then we can hit the NEXT button. On the next screen, we will see our Document Settings options. On this page, we can choose to bring in all layers, or just a select few. Typically, we want to bring in all layers so that we can remove any excess of our own accord.

Otherwise, when we do not include a layer, we might accidentally be leaving out a small line that is necessary to our sketch contour. This page also gives us an option to add constraints and import dimensions if we would like. Bringing in dimensions is helpful to define how it was created, however it is good to note that neither the dimensions or the constraints fully define a 2D sketch you bring in.

Example of bringing in both dimensions and constraints aka relations below. The second page is the Drawing Layer Mapping options. This page allows us to choose a few more import options such as; merge points closer than a value, merge overlapping entities, run repair sketch, define the sketches origin. I recommend using the Merge points closer than. Those two will help eliminate some potential contours that would otherwise need to be fixed.

On this page, we can also Remove Entities by selecting entities in the preview box and hitting the Remove Entities button. This feature while being handy, makes it hard to see what it is you are selecting within the small preview window. Below is the resulting 2D sketch created and inserted in a new part document. We can do this simply by box selecting what we do not want and hitting delete on our keyboard.

The next step is to start defining our sketches, starting with what entities will be our Front Sketch. Those sketch entities are now moved onto the Front Sketch Plane. Now that we have designated a Front Sketch, you will notice we have a second sketch listed in the Feature Manager Tree.

Lets designate the Top Sketch and the Right Sketch next, using the same method; box select our entities and push the corresponding button in the toolbar. Aligning Sketches There are a couple important things to remember when aligning sketches. The first selection you make will get moved aka aligned to the second selection. You need to align in 2 directions, essentially making a coincident relationship to 2 planes. Align the Front Sketch to the Origin by selecting the point we want from the Front Sketch, then selecting the origin.

convert 3D sketch to 2D sketch

Make sure you choose Import to a new part: If the data is clean, you can use it as is, but if there are many unwanted layers you can choose not to import them: This will get the 3 views into the correct orientation and location on the correct plane. Next, reorder the tree so the extrude is before the other two sketches, and repeat the extrusion process with the Top and Right view, clearing the merge result check box: This will result in a jumbled mess of 3 bodies. However, you can use a handy tool under Insert — Features, called Combine.

VIDEO: 3D ContentCentral – Free 3D CAD Models, 2D Drawings, and Supplier Catalogs

Convert a 3D Drawing to 2D technical drawing??? drawing.. and upload your document you want to create a 2d technical drawing. i hope its works is it possible to convert a drawing from autocad 3d to solidworks?. The Instant 3D feature in SOLIDWORKS allows users to drag geometry dynamically in the graphics area to resize a sketches dimensions. Dassault Systèmes 3D ContentCentral is a free library of thousands of high quality 3D CAD models from hundreds of suppliers. Millions of users download 3D.

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