The most popular Picasa alternatives at a glance

The iCloud Photo Library , which is part of the iCloud storage service, supports almost every photo format. The photo management software is available for Mac and iOS. The iCloud Photo Library boasts good usability. The app can be used on your smartphone so you can see all photos that were either taken on your phone or uploaded from a camera.
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10 Best Picasa Alternatives for Windows & Mac

The iCloud Photo Library , which is part of the iCloud storage service, supports almost every photo format. The photo management software is available for Mac and iOS. The iCloud Photo Library boasts good usability. The app can be used on your smartphone so you can see all photos that were either taken on your phone or uploaded from a camera. Using a desktop computer, you can also manage your photos directly in the browser on iCloud.

For Android owners, iCloud less appealing as there is no way to backup your photos on Android. The most important features of the iCloud Photo Library are organization and sharing.

The app sorts all photos and videos on your iOS device by date, time, and location. The user interface is intuitive and well laid out. You can isolate time periods by zooming in. The program relieves some of the workload by sorting your photos depending on the type panorama shot, snap shot, etc. You can also create your own albums and add as many photos to them as you like.

A special feature of the iCloud Photo Library is shared albums, where several people can store their photos. This feature is ideal for holidays or events when you want to collect and share photos of your friends or acquaintances. Using editing tools, you can make minor changes to your photos via iOS or Mac.

You can also use the Mac Photos app to create photo projects to print out, such as photo albums or calendars to use as gifts. You can get more capacity with options based on a monthly fee. The fee-based version of iCloud is available for around one dollar per month, which will give you 50GB to use.

Apple users with iPhones, iPads, or Macs. The iCloud Photo Library was developed for these devices and is therefore easy to set up. A powerful thumbnail browser acts as the primary user interface. Every image is displayed with its most important details: It is possible to filter photos by age, format, name, or tag.

You can rate them with one click and then organize them into albums. In just a few clicks, you can improve and repair the contrast and color of your shots or remove background noise, among other things. The program even provides some tools for manually editing photos. Crop and scale are standard functions but in addition, you can straighten asymmetrical horizons, remove red-eye, repair scratches, and apply different effects.

All work steps can be executed either for an entire image or with a pen for precise editing. Thanks to the convenient dual-view option, you can see the before and after versions. A vector editor helps you when adding visual elements such as arrows, lines, silhouettes, color gradients, text, clipart, and more to your images. For particularly creative users, the program also has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Photo Commander makes it easy for you to share your pictures as collages, calendars, greeting cards, or HTML albums. There are some useful extras besides these features. For example, Photo Commander automatically detects duplicate files. First, use the screenshot function to capture everything that is on your screen. The panorama creator merges several photos into one large image. There are some batch processing features that enable you to rotate, scale, watermark, and adjust multiple images at once.

Furthermore, the tool is being constantly improved by the developers, meaning that its functions are continually expanding. Managing photos is simple and efficient with Photo Commander. The program identifies known devices, remembers previously imported photos, can copy or move files to the Cloud OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive or send files directly via e-mail — without needing a separate e-mail program.

The Ashampoo Photo Commander is a comprehensive photo management tool that can be a bit overwhelming for beginners due to the many features. If you need to use numerous features in your daily work, this option is definitely worth considering.

Positive Universal solution for image management and image processing The many editing functions can replace other programs Supports many file formats Too many functions and options for beginners Best suited to: The service offers unlimited photo storage and up to 5 GB of video or other files.

When you upload your photos, you can organize them into albums. Prime Photos arranges your images chronologically by default. You can download your pictures at any time, send them by e-mail or share them on Facebook. The tool is limited to essential functions, making it easier to use compared to other photo services. Instead of offering lots of extra options, Amazon has a different strategy: Upload your photos directly from your desktop or mobile device to the cloud.

Alternatively, you can upload using the Amazon website. The mobile apps have a back-up feature that automatically uploads all new photos. This photo service is particularly worthwhile if you are already a member of Amazon Prime or are at least interested in using the service.

There is also a free three-month trial version. Positive Easy-to-use, streamlined option for organizing your photos The uploaded images can be viewed from any internet-enabled device The photo service is included in the Prime subscription and offers free and unlimited storage space for photos Negative The organizational tools are limited, no search function Best suited to: In StudioLine Photo 4 , you can create and maintain a photo database according to your preferences and sort your images by design, keyword, geotags, or in custom folders.

With the manual tagging function, you can assign images to the exact location where they were created. However, there is no password protection and no facial recognition function. With StudioLine Photo 4, in addition to managing your photos, you can also edit them very easily. Before and after views are available, meaning you can just switch between the views to review individual changes and compare the end result. Colored markings help you to keep track of the different steps in the editing process.

The image editor is designed for simple editing. For example, you can change the color of your images, trim them, and align them. Many of these editing tools are easy to access in the toolbar. Your favorite functions can also be stored there. With StudioLine Photo 4, you can share your images via e-mail and Flickr.

If you want to share your photos in physical form, you have some interesting options to choose from. For example, you can create calendars, maps, and photo albums in just a few clicks. If you prefer to store your photos on a CD or DVD, the tool includes a convenient cover design feature.

It is also possible to adjust text, font, and images, and make use of the spellcheck function! The trial version of the program is available free of charge for 30 days. The basic version costs just under dollars and the Pro version is dollars. Positive The tool is a good all-round program with many options for managing and editing your photos Good orientation due to tagging functions, color markings, and star ratings The user interface is flexible and customizable Negative No native possibilities for directly sharing images on social networks The program needs to be paid for after the trial period is over Best suited to: Photobucket is one of the most popular hosts for placing photos online.

The platform offers unlimited free photo and video storage with file size limits as well as album organization, Facebook integration, and other mobile apps. The service automatically generates URLs for your photos so you can easily embed them into posts or other sites e. With the integrated editing tools, you can easily make minor retouches to your photos, trim them, and adjust the color or brightness.

In addition, you can embellish images with various filters, decorative frames, and stickers. Photobucket enables you to create photo albums and calendars, display your photos on a cell phone or tablet covers, and even print them on canvases and other materials.

This service allows you to connect images online up to 10GB for free. The ad-free variant costs 99 cents a month. Best suited to: The company is well-known for its high-quality, professional software. Lightroom definitely meets this expectation with its wide selection of editing tools and sharing functions.

Lightroom offers various possibilities for organizing your photo albums. Lightroom is also able to automatically locate your photos on a map. Geo-tagging is good for slideshows and documenting your travels.

There are all the usual settings and options so you can easily organize your images. For example, you can highlight your favorite photos or the images that you want to edit, and add labels or text to your photos.

There are many practical hints and project briefings to help you out. Lightroom gives you the possibility of sharing your photos online or printing them directly from the application.

Send your pictures via e-mail or post them via Facebook or Flickr. Other uses for the software include slideshows, prints, calendars, and photo books. You can create slideshows according to your wishes by compiling the content, the speed that the image sequence should move, and the music to go with it. Lightroom already has some templates for photo albums with popular themes, including weddings, travel, and professional portfolios. Use these ready-made layouts and simply add your own footage, or create your photo album from scratch.

The program offers creative filters that you apply to your images to change their texture and shade. Use pre-made filters or save your favorite settings to create an individual look.

Adobe provides both an iOS and an Android app that link to the Lightroom software.

Picasa is free photo editing software from Google that makes your pictures look great.

So down goes our list of a few alternatives that would sufficiently quench your Picasa thirst. Google photos The most obvious and the default choice for the Picasa users is Google photos. It is a cloud storage service that offers you with an unlimited storage space for photos and videos at high quality. Plus it also functions as a good photo editor. You have the option to download the app version of the service on your desktop or smartphone which will allow you to backup photos easily. Wish to know more: For the users refusing to stick the default alternative because of its limited editing features, Windows Live Photo Gallery can be the best alternative.

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But there are some things which people don’t like about Picasa, so in this article I am going to show you top 10 picasa alternatives. Q. For many years, I used Picasa to edit my photos and send them to try to find a replacement that matches up best with the Picasa toolbox. A better alternative which catch up with similar features of photo editing is none other.

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