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Due to the nature of these codes no refunds or exchanges can be permitted. Please make sure the item you are purchasing is what you want. Affiliate Information: CCP requests that if the Affiliate and the buyer are the same individual no affiliate credit can be given. EVE Online is a massively multiplayer game.
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EVE Online 2860 PLEX Code GLOBAL


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You can use EVE Plex for purchasing game time. If you already have enough game time, you can also use your EVE Plex to customise your character or to transfer one or more characters to another EVE account. Pick either the You can redeem your EVE Plex card at https: Please follow the following steps to use your code: Go to:

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PLEX Activation Codes are codes sold by our authorized resellers, each one enabling its buyer to redeem a number of PLEX via the Account. There’s any way that i could buy the Activation code, instead of the monthly subscription been directly associated with my steam account?. How to make free PLEX and ISK in EVE Online Once you reach 3, points, you can claim a PLEX code through the “Claim Prizes” section.

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