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This may get easier to implement in the godot 3. Anyway, another way of optimizing your apk’s size is to use multi apk support: See this disscussion on github: Notice that this is a blocking warning so I am not able to publish the app. Is there any other filters that google use to validade this optmization which I can find in godot configs?
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Publishing to Google Play Store

Edit Publishing to Google Play Store Android requires that all apps be digitally signed with a certificate before they can be installed. In order to distribute your Android application via Google Play store it needs to be signed with a release key that then needs to be used for all future updates. Since it is possible for Google Play to manage signing releases automatically thanks to App Signing by Google Play functionality.

However, before your application binary is uploaded to Google Play it needs to be signed with an upload key. The Signing Your Applications page on Android Developers documentation describes the topic in detail. This guide covers the process in brief, as well as lists the steps required to package the JavaScript bundle. Generating an upload key You can generate a private signing key using keytool. On Windows keytool must be run from C: It then generates the keystore as a file called my-upload-key.

The keystore contains a single key, valid for days. The alias is a name that you will use later when signing your app, so remember to take note of the alias. On Mac, if you’re not sure where your JDK bin folder is, then perform the following command to find it: Remember to keep the keystore file private.

In case you’ve lost upload key or it’s been compromised you should follow these instructions. Setting up Gradle variables Place the my-upload-key. Note about security: If you are not keen on storing your passwords in plaintext, and you are running OSX, you can also store your credentials in the Keychain Access app. Adding signing config to your app’s Gradle config The last configuration step that needs to be done is to setup release builds to be signed using upload key.

Generating the release APK Simply run the following in a terminal: Make sure gradle. If you are updating an existing app that doesn’t use App Signing by Google Play, please check our migration section to learn how to perform that configuration change.

Testing the release build of your app Before uploading the release build to the Play Store, make sure you test it thoroughly. First uninstall any previous version of the app you already have installed.

Install it on the device using: You can kill any running packager instances, since all your framework and JavaScript code is bundled in the APK’s assets. This makes it easier to share APKs that run on almost all Android devices.

However, this has the downside that there will be some unused native code on any device, leading to unnecessarily bigger APKs. It does this by stripping parts of the React Native Java bytecode and its dependencies that your app is not using. Make sure to thoroughly test your app if you’ve enabled Proguard. Proguard often requires configuration specific to each native library you’re using.

We recommend you enable that in order to take advantage from things like automatic app splitting. Once that’s done you should follow the instructions from Google Play Help website in order to send your original release key to Google Play.

An indispensable app for keeping your apps updated

Download APK File When Android device is first turned on there will be some basic steps needed to be done in order to get it ready for use. One of them is to sign in to Google using a Google Account. That particular account will also activate the so-called Play Store.

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Notes: Google Play Services is already a part of the Android operating system. Clicking the Download button will take you to a page on the Google Play store. Google Play Store is the official Google store where you can download apps. It contains thousands of free or commercial softwares. It’s the. Basically, Google Play Store Latest APK all () is the center of everything to add to Android devices for various.

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