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GracefulNanami Summary: A lonely night of restlessness and stimulating personal memories leave a stagnant, bittersweet taste Eiji just won’t allow himself to rinse away. See the end of the work for notes. Work Text: The ticking of the wall clock mingled with the relaxing pattering of rain on the roof and windows set an inviting mood for his late night reading.

Eiji stretched his legs outward from the couch and turned a page in his book. Sing had been kind enough to wash the dishes after Eiji had cooked their dinner of pasta and vegetables. He was asleep now, exhausted from his daily workload. He knew the younger man took on far too much, but he appreciated the slight break from the mundane chore.

As Eiji let his mind wander, he lowered the book and glanced around his living room. The light of the lone lamp he was using didn’t reach far and the corners were painted in shadow but he could tell Buddy had wandered elsewhere. The dog had left his lap a while ago; surely tired of his half-hearted petting. It felt a bit chilly now. Eiji was used to being alone with his thoughts, but he always felt a pang of dread when they drifted to past memories as they tended to overwhelm him if he dwelled on them too long.

Books proved to be a good source of distraction, but the weather seemed to be getting worse now and it kept him from focusing. He squirmed uncomfortably in the cushions. Eiji’s eyes wandered around the room, landing on dimly lit trinkets and picture frames. The line of neatly organized hardcover books to the far left made him remember the condo they’d lived in for quite a while years ago. He and Ash. He pressed the book to his chest and huffed, closing his eyes. For a moment he felt truly empty, but a hint of coziness accompanied it.

He opened his eyes while slowly sliding his glasses off his face, gliding fingers along the ear pieces for longer than he should have. Putting them down on the side table, he let the book drop to rest on the side of his leg. Intimacy was a rarity for Eiji. His feelings of loneliness held him captive throughout the years and he had come to terms with that. The winter of was one of those times he’d always recall with perfect clarity.

Eiji tousled his hair by casually running thin fingers through it. He kept it tied up most of the time as it was a constant annoyance but hadn’t bothered that day. He let his fingers move down his face and slide down his front, feeling a nipple pushing through his snug shirt and pausing to scrape it gently with a nail.

Was just the memory of that morning really all it took to make him start feeling this way, even years later? Of course. It was all he had. Eiji’s eyes fell down to his waistline. He hesitated for a moment, blinking, then started to unbutton his pants.

Can’t I just escape with this for a little while? He knew it would make him feel good and remember what Ash had wanted to do for him. He let his hand brush lazily through black threads of coarse pubic hair. This was one of his gifts to me. Letting out a small groan of approval, Eiji brought his fingertips to his slackened lips, sliding them under his tongue, moistening them as much as he could.

He positioned them back down and over top of himself, sloshing the warm saliva around the head of his dick. Eiji recalled that neither of them had left the condo in three days.

For no particular reason he could deduce, Ash had seemed to be in a slightly better mood than usual. Eiji had been feeling rather restless back then, similar to how he had been feeling tonight. He decided it was all right to pretend he could relive that chilly winter morning. His hand shifted to encircle himself as his eyes fluttered closed. Eiji had been laying in bed for at least a half an hour, tossing about with intermittent sighs.

Ash was still asleep on his stomach on the adjacent bed, head turned toward the wall. Eiji kept the covers up, trying to ignore the uncomfortable wash of heat over him He sighed yet again and lifted the sheet to stare at himself through cotton pajama pants. Eiji quickly let go of the sheet and slammed his arms down on the mattress, startled, then he cautiously adjusted to his side to face him.

The blond’s eyes were still tired and he had propped himself up on an elbow, blanket and sheets still coiled around his frame.

Half yawning Ash asked, “Don’t tell me you don’t know what to do about it. He could tell he was fiercely blushing now and averted his eyes. Ash’s face morphed from cocky smirk to serious and thoughtful in an instant.

His eyes intently focused on Eiji for a moment. He’d never seen him this blatantly embarrassed before, his face crumpled with annoyance and need. A soft smile crept up on Ash’s lips as he watched Eiji start to bring the sheet up over his head, trying to hide. Ash fell backwards onto the mattress, shutting his eyes and enjoying the feeling of the surrounding blankets again.

Eiji fidgeted; no response. Ash shifted, inching out of his cocoon of warmth, now feeling tense. A minute passed in silence before Ash slowly sat up and rubbed an eye with the back of his hand. Now Eiji was the one in the cocoon of sheets. Ash tilted his head and flitted his eyes toward the window and its offensive radiance for a moment. You can come over here, if you want.

But you Eiji popped his face out from below his protective barrier and whined a bit at him, obviously less embarrassed by now. He smoothed out the crinkled sheets beside him.

I wanna look at you when you get up. Still settled into his own bed, he sat up and stripped himself of the sheets, staying still for a moment and hugging his knees. Ash didn’t move. Eiji slowly let his legs down over the edge of the mattress and he stood. With hooded eyes, he meekly slid his feet across the floor. Ash looked at the front of him.

Tugging on one of his sleeves, Ash let him sit down. Eiji tried to ease his own nerves by slowly turning his head and lazily pressing his warmed lips to the side of Ash’s jaw. How do you want me to touch you? Whatever you’re comfortable with. I just want this to go away. I also really like being this close to you. He patted his back gingerly, signaling to let him move. Ash swiveled toward Eiji so that his shin now comfortably pressed against the dark-haired man’s hip.

He decided to gently press the back of his hand into Eiji’s hardness against taught fabric. The way I am? Ash suddenly flipped his hand around and clasped his palm around Eiji’s length through his clothing. This gave Eiji a noticeable start and the languid moan that followed from his mouth sounded lewd on his own ears.

He was astounded at how responsive he was with just this, but not surprised. He needed to feel this; to feel physical pleasure given by another person. Obliging, Eiji helped him work the restricting garments down his hips a ways, the pant leg cuffs now pooling at his feet, housing them from the creeping winter air.

Sitting with his back upright again, Eiji unbuttoned his long shirt to get it out of the way. He let his own hands sweep over the tufts of hair at the base of his erection, examining himself for a second, eyes heavy-lidded and entranced. Ash watched him focus on himself while he reached behind his back to pull a blanket up over his own shoulders, seeking more warmth. Eiji moved both hands behind himself to lean back steadily on his palms. His cheeks felt hot. I still want you to visit my home.

He looked to Eiji’s face for a reaction. He held a fascinated stare and was breathing calmly, seemingly anticipating what he’d do next. The small feathered touches continued for a few seconds, then Ash tried swirling the edge of a nail around the head.

Eiji shivered. After a short while of quickening and slowing the rhythm of his kneading, Ash stopped his ministrations and bent forward to press a quick kiss to the tip of Eiji’s penis, enticing a high-pitched “ah” that caused him to smirk again.

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GracefulNanami Summary: A lonely night of restlessness and stimulating personal memories leave a stagnant, bittersweet taste Eiji just won’t allow himself to rinse away. See the end of the work for notes. Work Text:

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