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Change log This is old version ooVoo 2. Another point which needs to remind is about the minimum age of the users of the mobile software. It also has a good quality of voice and video, so to say at the least that this application provides good facilities. Furthermore, the use of this application is quite easy to understand.
oovoo mobile apk

ooVoo APK 3.1.2

Launch the iTunes apps store on your iOS device. You will select the most rated and latest version of the app. After installing the app, open it directly from there or go to the home screen then menu and followed by the app icon. FaceTime App is successfully downloaded and installed on your iPhone or iPad now. Now follow the steps given here to configure your account on the FaceTime app: Provide your number and your contact list sync authorization for the system to search for other users of this app.

Sign in with your Apple ID so that it would be easier for updating the apps when required. Set your caller ID with your other email ID’s through which people can contact you easily. Apple will verify your details like email authorization, mobile number, and location details.

To make calls, tap on the contact list and search for the contact first. Then select the type of call you want to make, that is, Video call or Audio call. During the video calls, you can switch the cameras as per your choice.

The user interface is smooth and operation is quick in response. But if you wish to use the FaceTime app on your PC then it is plausible to do so. Here in this section of the article, we have suggested a method that may work for your PC. All you need to do is install an emulator on your PC.

If you do not have one, we have suggested a link to the most recommended emulator for PC. This way you do not have to incorporate any changes in the software settings of your PC.

After downloading the application file, run its setup and install the application on your PC. Remember that the downloading and uploading will take some time so please be patient. Next, open the Bluestacks app and link your google account details into it. This is a mandatory step so please fulfill it before proceeding. Right-click the mouse tab and select ‘open with’ option. Look for Bluestacks as the option and click on it.

Your FaceTime app shall run its installation setup through the Bluestacks program. Finally, you will find the app icon in the ‘All apps’ section of the Bluestacks application. Therefore, to get the FaceTime application on your PC, you need to try this method as given above.

If it does not work then do not be disappointed as we will keep updating this section of the article for more methods soon. Until then you can try this or use any other alternative app as there are better apps for PC than the FaceTime app. Facetime for Windows Phone With increasing demands in the communication-based apps, the competition is also getting tougher. The stronger of them being FaceTime is losing its ability to trend in with other OS platforms.

When the larger fraction of users being Android users, the apps inability to reach them is a major drawback to their image. It is in notice that Apple has not allowed the open standard to this app. This means that it still works with IOS platform usage only.

There are people who have requested for the app to be an open standard app but the results are far from being so. Thus as for Windows phones, this app is still not compatible with its OS. But for the sake of the need to communicate, there are various apps that fulfill the requirement without any issue. In this section, here you will see the major trending apps that serve as an alternative to FaceTime for Windows phone.

This is the most recommended app for the Windows phone. It is the best alternative of FaceTime App. It has an interestingly unique feature for the video calling. Not only can you use it for a video call but you can also record the video clips and send them to your friends and family. This app runs on almost all OS platforms so there will be easy communication with more people. This is also another app that regulates around free video calling, voice calling and text messaging within its network.

This application is also used for such applications among the WeChat users. People use this app majorly in China and rest of Asia. You can use this app for free communication smoothly over a decent internet connection. There are many more apps like LINE, Yahoo messenger, and also the Facebook messenger that have a decent quality of communication to use for their users.

Facebook is a global scale and hence making use of its messenger features will be an advantage to its users. All these apps are available for the Windows users so why would one only wait for FaceTime. Video Calling It is the simplest video calling app that is bound to single tap direct call interface. User Friendly The user can be at two different places at one time through FaceTime app. Access You can run the call in the background when you have to access other features of your iPhone.

No Timer The timer of FaceTime does not count time against the regular minutes of data calls. Camera Orient FaceTime app can orient to both the cameras primary and secondary as per user’s choice. Regular Update Latest upgrades of the app have extravagant features and visual quality. Secure FaceTime developers are making the app completely freeware, and suitable for Android and Windows system.

PiP Image The PiP image on the screen during an ongoing video call allows the user to adjust his position in front of the camera. Mute You can easily mute the audio during any interruption or varied reason during a video call.

Visibility settings If you are on an important call and do not want others to disturb you then you can turn off your visibility. So friends, these were some the amazing features that define this app. We are sure that you must be excited to know how to get this app on your device. Best Facetime app alternatives Though FaceTime App is constrained to iOS users, this does not mean that the Android and windows users cannot enjoy the video call interface like them. There are plenty of alternatives available in the Google Play Store and third party websites which provide tough competitive apps.

Consider to read about these apps enlisted here as the best alternatives to FaceTime for Android or Windows or any other OS: Google Hangouts: It is an Android native app packed with powerful features on its platform. It allows the users to engage a video call, voice call or instant text chat messages over the internet at no cost.

The extra feature for this app is that users can engage in a group chat with at least 10 people all together at one time.

Google Hangout recommends Wifi for is usage but with cellular data, it covers stronger data connection networks. Skype With evolving time, this app has managed to consistently amaze its users with upgraded features. Skype being the oldest of the applications and introductory to Windows live messenger is still undoubtedly in demand with the Android platform.

Microsofts Skype is not a new thing for many people but has claimed the rightful tag as one of the best video calling application for mobile and PC. This app is considered better than the Apple’s Facetime app as it allows better bandwidth when Skype is used with iPhone.

Viber This app emerged first as the audio and text messaging app. But eventually realized that it would have to add new features to sustain in the quickly evolving market of Android apps. The best feature of this app is its decent and smooth design.

Unlike the Skype and Hangout form to be a desktop legacy, this app is made to integrate with the mobile devices. Its only drawback as other apps is that users cannot communicate with people outside the Viber channel. Few apps use the SMS tool to outbound the messages through the cellular networks yet this app has sustained a trust among its more than million users. Tango Another great alternative that has risen since its launch in has similar features to offer like the Facetime app.

The hardware optimization on this app is considered to be at its peak. This has lead to better calls quality and a smoother interface.

The services provided by this app include image chat, text messaging, video calling and audio calling. It is free to use the app and the sign-up process is quick. This app surrenders its services in video calling, audio calls, text messaging and SMS services through its network. It allows users to make calls between the same or to different devices. So this increases the connectivity among different users. Hence, with so many alternatives in-line, Android users do not need to loiter the internet for Facetime app.

If you are an Android user then go and grab your best alternative from the above-given choices and join the network with your friends. Try any of these and join the networking media with your friends and family now.

We will keep updating the information given as per upgrades in the market and especially on FaceTime for Android, we will be back with more. If you have any query, then please send us your message at FaceTime App.

Facetime for Android APK Download

Download APK File It provides a fresher look and gives an impression of better performance. Other than that, this app also enables users to send short video clips which are limited to 21 second each. It provides the filter feature as well, which allows users to use filters in any of their video or photo.

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This is old version ooVoo apk for Android, you can install it if to remind is about the minimum age of the users of the mobile software. Video chat with up to 12 Facebook and ooVoo friends, text or make phone calls in exceptional quality for FREE! Make a video call with your ooVoo friends that are on Android, iPhone, PC, Mac and now also on Facebook Mobile app for free. Make the most of all the advantages of mobile communications by downloading ooVoo free for Android. Talk with the people that you really want to and reduce.

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