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JetBrains PhpStorm This software is the most intelligent software which can easily understand your code. This amazing software has support for all of the major frameworks. This amazing and powerful software allows you to develop any of the websites of any framework easily. This software is developed intelligently which fulfill all of the needs of the developer.

It has all of the PHP tools which are required for the proper development of any framework. This software provides you full support in coding. It understands your code deeply and scans it for any issues and then provides you full support for compiling it and refactoring your code. It has all of the tools which anyone needs for developing the front end. If you are a web developer and you are developing any of your web application.

You have to check after every step of your code that is your code is working correctly. You always think of the easiest approach to check every change you made in your code. This powerful software provides you a full interface where you can easily preview the changes you made in your code. JetBrains PhpStorm Key is the best software which has support to check your code while you are typing.

It also has the support of rearranging your code by its perfect feature of Code Rearranger. It helps you to writes your code as neat as possible by providing you the quick-fixes of every issue. This software permits you to navigate from your code. It helps you in navigating from your code to anywhere in the code for any purpose. This feature is so much efficient and fast that you can get there instantly where you want to go. It also gives you suggestions while you are typing to save you from so much typing and effort.

You can easily refactor your code by two clicks of your mouse and this is not a very long process. It also provides you the undo feature with which you can easily undo any of the change you made to your code.

Debugging and testing are the main tactics of any code to check is there any bug or any issue remains in code. Due to debugging and testing, we have the guarantee that our code is the perfect and any error-free.

This debugger debugs your code at any step and makes it smooth to work. The Unit testing provided by this tool is powerful and perfect for testing your code.

This software gives you smart code completion, It has also the feature of syntax highlighting. Its code editor provides you the extended code formatting configuration.

You can check any of your code issues at every step by on-the-fly error checking. This IDE has advanced automated refactoring tool that treats your code with care, helping to make global project configurations easily. Code Quality Analysis: This software has all of the tools which are necessary for checking the quality of your code. It inspects the code thousand time because every time you press a keyboard button it starts inspecting your code.

It has a quick-fix feature which provides you the suggestions for any issue and improves the quality of your code. JetBrains PhpStorm Patch has the support for easy code navigation. Using this, you can easily navigate to every portion of your code without wasting your precious time. This feature helps you a lot when you are working on a very large project and its difficult to find any component manually.

This software lets you go to any function, methods, variable, etc in a little part of a second. You can easily develop your whole front-end with all of the best tools of this feature. It also provides you the live Edit support which helps you in saving your precious time. It gives you full support for working with databases and SQL in your projects using its best tools.

All of the important functions like connect to databases, edit schemas, and table data, run queries, and even analyze schemas with UML diagrams are supported by this software.

Easy to use: This software is very easy to use with its user-friendly interface. It has a large number of users due to its ease which they provide to their users.

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